Lifestyle March Mission: Find my Inner Peace & Clarity

This month I’m on a mission to find my peace and clarity by eating healthier, doing daily yoga, meditation, journaling and of course getting out into the great outdoors.

I’ve been doing them all on and off but not at the same time. Earlier on this week I reached a breaking point where if I’m honest I nearly lost it. In fact I did and it sent me into a downward spiral but not for long.

Since it is World Book Day

I’m not one for feeling sorry for myself and so thought of a few ways I could get over myself. The first one was my eating habits, again this is something I’ve been challenging myself with over the last few months purely because I’ve got this Coast to Coast in May and my diet is going to help push me through the barrier. A colleague and friend of mine was raving on about a book called Deliciously Ella   – the author is a young woman who had a rare and serious illness. She sought out ways to heal herself, the method she found was turning gluten free vegan. I ordered the book as soon as my friend let me have a look at her recipes and my oh my it put my food habits to shame! But the point it, I’ve been eating better and regularly…

Ride Forest Ride

Shropshire Cycling
An evening ride….

Exercise or increased amounts of it have been on the forefront of my mind too. Last week I set myself a challenge to cycle most days and so I clocked up about 40.2 miles in 4 days. It may not sound a lot for the avid bikers but I certainly pushed through my own limits and conquered some hills without stopping! Sadly, I’ve had a chest infection for about 6 weeks and the cold weather here in Shropshire has only prolonged it. Therefore I’ve had to stop biking till I’m fully recovered and instead took comfort in yoga.

I say comfort in yoga but actually it’s quite strenuous! I found this wonderful channel on YouTube called Yoga with Adriene and it’s a 30 day yoga challenge. I’m not able to complete the full 35 minute routine (I’m on day 2) but it’s great to be able to just rock up in my room, feel warm and stretch out. The mediation is something I don’t hardly do anyone – I just can’t switch my mind off. But I was put onto something called signing bowls where for 20 minutes or so I relax and attempt to switch off.

I do know now why there is such emphasis on breathing in yoga and meditation. It’s this that brings you back to centre. So I’m constantly having to repeat ‘breath’ to get me out of my own thoughts – something I seemed to be consumed with far too much these days…

Oh and I’m taking a hoola-hooping class next week. One of my colleagues tempted me to a session during a meeting and I instantly loved it. I’m even thinking about training to be an instructor come the summer!

Write and write some more 

Journaling is not a new concept to me. I used to keep diaries when I was younger. The only part I disagreed was the fact that it was easy to keep playing over the same story by re-reading it. I’m not a big fan of talking to others about what’s on my mind either because I believe you’re only bringing your problems to them. 9/10 times you know what you need to do but you just need to sound it out to another. So, my rules of journaling have been to write something everyday and if negative, making sure to balance it on a ‘what’s been good about today/?’ note.

And most importantly not re-reading it…

Ah yes the great outdoors. I’ve made a big effort to do something every weekend and most of the time that’s walking / hiking. This week I’m going away to the coast – my inner mermaid needs some soothing.  Weekends for me have become a great pleasure and I feel very calm especially with the company that I’m keeping.

Outdoors adventures
A morning no make up selfie. (Sorry)


It’s the weekdays that get to me purely because my inner peace and clarity has been knocked out of balance due to work and a few other things (I won’t go into detail).  So I’m making an effort to do all of these things that I’ve been talking about in this post during the week – to help me get through it and focus.

It’s not been long at all but I can see benefits already…. I’m super looking forward to see what I feel like in 30 days time.

To finish I’ll leave you with this thought… I’ve always said that no body or nothing can make you feel or react in a negative way, it’s you that chooses and allows yourself to do so. What do you think?

Wish me luck!

C L Haden


4 thoughts on “Lifestyle March Mission: Find my Inner Peace & Clarity

  1. I’ve really been trying over the last couple of weeks to do similar things, and buying the Deliciously Ella cookbook is what inspired me too! Not doing too badly so far but feeling exhausted today which makes keeping going a bit more difficult I always think. Good luck with your mission!

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