Shropshire Blogger Meetup : Blogging Development,

Note to reader: sadly my not so smart iPhone had a flat battery and the not so smart iPhone owner (me) didn’t have a charger so there are no photos of this gorgeous event. However if you click on to the bloggers that I mention throughout you’ll have plenty to look at.

Why Blogger Meetups are awesome

Coming from Manchester, I was connected to a lot of local bloggers and went to a few meetups. They were great because a) it got you out of the house b) they help with social skills and c) you met people who rock. When I moved to Shropshire, I had the idea of starting one but with time, I never got around to it. Thankfully Kirsty from Just a Little Bit Ginger has been working hard over the past few months to get the first one up and running at The Two Henry’s in Shrewsbury.

What happened during the Shropshire Blogger Meetup  

After arriving an hour late due to some serious traffic, I got seated with a bunch of other bloggers and given my awesome gift bag. I was amazed at just how generous it was!

Shropshire blogger meetup

It had everything from snacks (the gluten free popcorn was a winner personally), cosmetics to skin and hair care.


I didn’t get chance to meet and chat with everyone but it was awesome to be  seated next to Vegan, Paige and Vegetarian Hannah.     Sometimes when you live in a market town (Oswestry) you forget that there are other people with the same lifestyle choices as you!  I got to chat with the ever so interesting Chris, who blogs about abandoned places around the local area and found out a bit about why Angela likes to blog (I love her cake pictures).

We had a talk from  Smash Box representative Charlotte who gave us some brand history and passed a few products around to try.  Since most of the bloggers at the Shropshire  Blogger Meetup were beauty and fashion bloggers it only made sense to talk about those topics.  That said, I did fall in love with Smash Box’s Photo Finish Primer and although I don’t write beauty, I am trained as a make up artist and beauty therapist so it’s always an interest. I may hike, bike, climb and get very muddy most of the time but hey, I can’t leave the house without my cat’s eye and foundation which protects the skin from the harsh elements – a primer was just what my beauty bag needed.

Then we had a demonstration from Sarah Jack about her Stella  & Dot parties and she dazzled me with a scarf that can be tied 22 different ways (I need it in my life…)  After a lovely lunch (with a decent veggie platter) and a raffle that raised £80 for Scope I gave a talk about my top blogger tips. Sadly I couldn’t give them all because my points where on the flat phone!

Here are some:

1. Make sure your blog is mobile responsive

2. Always state if you’ve been paid for a promotional post

3. Be consistent – don’t commit to posting more if you can’t

4. Always be truthful but diplomatic

5. Read as many blogs as you can and comment because you’re contributing to the wonderful world of the blogging community.

It’s funny to think it’s only be a year since I sent myself the challenge of getting public speaking confident. I’ve gone from crying in front of ten people as I had to say my name, to running workshops (both burlesque and blogging) to delivering presentations to 100+. Practice makes getting there…

My thoughts on The Shropshire Blogger Meetup

Hats off to Kirsty, having organised events myself, I know just how time consuming they are. Kirsty claimed to be so nervous but she hid it really well. I loved how well she’d organised it, everything just slotted into place and she kept the crowds happy with a nice running order, great food, gifts and venue. Thanks!

I’m super looking forward to attending her Birmingham Blogger Meetup in September and I’d say to anyone who suffers with nerves of meeting new faces, you’ll only get over by doing it!

Oh and I had the pleasure of eating these from Cromwells, Shrewsbury,  on the way home  (Photo by Sarah Jack only because I’d eaten it before charging my phone…)



Although I’m generally not a beauty blogger, I will be reviewing some of the products that I received from the meet up.  Especially since I’m here, there and everywhere in all weathers, it’s nice to be able to protect my skin and hair.

Have you been to any blogger meetups?

C L Haden


5 thoughts on “Shropshire Blogger Meetup : Blogging Development,

    1. It was an awesome event. Shropshire is so big yet small if that makes sense – it’s easy to get lost in the hills and not come across many people.

      Yes you should go to more! Let me know if you do, I’d love to read your experience.

  1. I’ve never been interested in blogger meet-ups – I fear that I may be the only male blogger there!

    I’ve also noticed you have a new blog design! It looks so snazzy! I like it!

    1. Thanks – yes it’s pretty snazzy. I’m happy with it now. Well, there were two male bloggers set to go, only one turned up. That said it all depends on what type of event you for – I can imagine the larger ones would attract more people and the odds say more men too. Perhaps you should get a male blog network together sometime?

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