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Camping Tips: A Girl’s Guide to Easy Camping Part 1

The warmer weather is upon us and I like nothing more than being able to be close to the beach and this usually means camping somewhere close.  I’m not exactly a camping expert but I’ve been picking up some tips to make it an easier experience.  I’m hoping that over this summer and after my week of camping and surfing in Cornwall in August, I’ll be somewhat more experienced when it comes to camping. Let’s face it, you are semi-roughing it but it doesn’t mean it has to be a rough experience – here’s a girl’s guide to easy camping part 1.

1. Halo Wet wipes are essential 

If you’re staying on a campsite then you should have access to washing facilities. However I’ve been prone to just rock up in the woods and set my tent down or freak out at the site of the facilities state of cleanliness.  I’ve found wet wipes to be the Goddess of all outdoor baths!

Halo Wipes

I’ve been using Halo that has a wipe for everything including: face wipes – very gentle,  deodorant wipes-  great for a pick me ups and leave no marks, toilet wipes – handy and anti bacterial, eye make up remover- ideal for sandy eyes, anti bacterial surface wipes- awesome for cleaning food prep areas. They all smell ‘clean’ and are small enough to pack away if space is limited.

I use wipes especially in the morning before I go to the facilities because there’s nothing worse than the morning walk of shame feeling a bit unclean and if you’re sharing a tent, you owe them the smell of sea air and nothing else…

I’m really glad that I got Halo wipes in my goodie bag at the Shropshire Blogger Meetup because their slogan is freshness on the go  and I’m always on the go!  I was happy to find out that none of their wipes contain alcohol (which is famous for drying out the skin) they’re cruelty free and made in the UK.

2.  Bring a spare pair of slip on shoes 

I’ve noticed that particularly in the wetter months, it’s super easy to bring the outdoors indoors. And by that I mean bringing mud and grass into the tent. If you’re tent is big enough to have a communal area either have a no shoes policy or swap into clean shoes once you’re in.

Camping tips

It sounds a bit OCD I know but  after a few days, a dirty tent floor is not a nice place to sleep and it has a habit of getting into your sleeping bag.

3.  Help from a fury hot water bottle 

This is something that I discovered whilst camping in what felt like minus conditions.  Once it’s gone cold, take the fury cover off  of the hot water bottle and slip your feet inside. It really helps to keep them warm and if you’re like me, you’ll suffer from cold feet no matter the weather!

4. Camp  under a tree or in front of a bush

If it’s winter, camping under trees in particular will stop the wind or rain getting on you. If it’s the height of summer, you’ll be thankful of the shade protection because tents can be like saunas sometimes and unless you’re in Sweden that’s not OK.

5. Take tin foil with you 

Tin foil is the most amazing invention ever, well one of them. You can use tin foil to cook just about anything on your campfire fire including two of my favourite things: jacket potatoes and cheesy, eggy bread (recipe coming soon).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and please if you’ve got any camping tips yourself, comment below.

P.S I’d just like to say a BIG thank you to Kimi & Me for this…

Kimi & Me

It’s a perfect addition to my outdoor equipment – I fill it up with water and some snacks so I know I’m always hydrated and full of energy no matter where my feet take me.

C L Haden


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