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6 Beauty Tips to Help You Stay a Beautiful Outdoor Girl 

Shropshire Country Side

I LOVE the outdoors. Fresh air gives me pink cheeks. The sun gives me vitamin D.  I can breath deeper. My mind feels clear and my body is strong and agile. Let’s face it, the outdoors rock.

But. There’s always a but. Being outdoors can take its toll on your skin, hair and nails if you don’t luck after them.  I’m not a massive fan of following beauty trends  but I’ve found 6 beauty tips that have helped me to be a better outdoor girl. Let’s face it – when you feel good about yourself, you’re confident and your performance is more likely to be on top form.

Here are my 6 beauty tips:

1. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

I love this stuff. It’s the only oil to contain the same properties as human breast milk. You can eat, cleanse and wash with it. And can pay anything from £10-£100. The best one I ever bought was from Holland & Barrett for a £10 and it lasts around 4-6 months.

It’s useful in cooking because it’s full of saturated fats. The good ones.  Useful for cooking when camping because it’s solid and doesn’t leak like olive oil can.  It’s also used for for weight loss. I however use it as a good night-time moisturiser.  If it’s been a hot or cold day, skin can feel dry and chapped and coconut oil makes it come alive.

2 Cut your nails

I used to have long nails and sometimes I still do because I’m healthy, they grow quicker but…. Long nails mean painful snags should you be using your hands a lot.

And I do, they’re always hanging on for dear life on handle bars, rocks, floors and  tree branches etc.

There’s no point painting them because they’ll just get messy quickly. Be done with them and keep them short.

3. Tangle Angle 

When you’ve got hair that measures 58 cm in length, knots are not funny! I’m prone to them anyway but having a helmet on most of the weekend doesn’t help nor does standing at the top of  windy mountains.  I recently went to a Shropshire blogger meetup and in my goodie bag I received a Tangle Angle.

Tangle Angel

I wanted to see just how good it was so I put my hair though some outdoor hell and used the brush. On first impressions, it’s lovely to look at and soft to hold. It does get out even the worst of knots without pulling too much hair out unlike other tangle teasers do. It comes in a range of colours and I received the pink one.

It claims to be anti static but I’ve noticed it still generates some static whilst you’re brushing, albeit minor compared to some others that I’ve used.

It’s in the backpack.

4.  Always keep a hair bobble handy 

I’d often have a fantasy about trekking through the wilderness whilst my golden locks blew in the wind behind me. I’d stop  to take a deep breath, look into the distance and then do a quick hair flick with a sultry pout. The reality is, a mouth and eyeful of hair.

Because it’s not like in the movies. Hair does not and will not stay in one place. It gets messy -deal with it.

I would be lost without my good old side plait  secured with a bobble that keeps hair at bay. All I’ve to deal with is a messy fringe but nothing a few clips can’t sort out.

5.  Timeless Truth Masks 

Also in my Shropshire blogger goodie bag was a face mask, which I gave to my mum after her obvious ‘these are the sort of things I use’ hints. So I tweeted the company to let them know that my mum was trying them and  they sent me out some of my very own. I got three in total : Apple Collagen (which was recommended for the outdoor types) A Q-10 nourishing mask and a herbal rejuvenation mask.

TimeslessTruth Apple Collagen

I tried the award winning Apple Collagen Timeless Truth Mask recently because my skin’s tight and rather tired looking. It was a lovely experience – thick with an apple smelling gel, the material mask was soft on the skin and I didn’t itch, which is a miracle considering I’ve super sensitive skin.

There is a lot of refreshing gel leftover in the pack so if you have a fridge or a cooler box leave it there and use the next day.

I’ll be taking a few of these when I go away camping in Cornwall because they’re easy to use and mess free.

6. Use a sun block or SPF

I love having pale skin. Getting a tan to me, means aging my skin. And I don’t like fake tan either. But having distant African routes, I tan super easy!  When I’m out biking or sea swimming, catching the sun is easy so I put an SPF on, which doesn’t stop tanning but helps with nasty sun rays.  I’m in search of a complete sun block and looking into making my own because the current sunscreen don’t stop tanning.

7. Smile

Why wouldn’t you? Smiling is the biggest beauty tip that  I can give anyone. It produces chemicals in your brain and body that you need, which increases your mental and physical well being. Smiling makes us happy and reinforces why life is beautiful.

What’s your best outdoor beauty tip?

C L Haden


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