Outdoor Safety Tips : Collected from the Adventurers Who are Doing it

I belong to an awesome outdoor Facebook group that’s full of amazing outdoor people who’ve been a real source of inspiration. They’re helpful, open, and honest and encourage me to get out there and I think it’s important to surround yourself with like- minded people if you want to achieve anything in life.

Alan Bellis
(c) Alan Bellis

Safety is always a concern whilst adventuring among the great outdoors and so I thought I’d ask the members some of their own personal safety tips.

My Safety Outdoor Tip

To start us off here’s my outdoor safety tip: it doesn’t matter how long or not so long that you’ve been adventuring, you’ll always learn something new providing you except that you’re not an expert and you like to ask questions!

Here are a collection of outdoor safety tips from the members:

“I always give my wife my coordinates of where I plan to camp and the route I’m taking both there and back, that way she can send help if the worst happens and I don’t check in by a certain time. Oh and try and know where your heading, bit of a stupid moment but I found out why Great Moss in the lakes has that name, it was a very cold, wet and miserable night.”  Richard Ball

“Hat gloves map compass first aid kit pack of polo’s every trip no matter how short.” Patrick Cawthorn 

“If I go on my own, I take a whistle and high vis vest  and spare clothes and a towel  and tell people where you’re going and when you are expecting to be back.”  Warren Trigg 

“If you are going to bail out on a wild camp because of impossible weather conditions or illness etc . Make sure you can navigate safely in the dark off the hill.” Mike Peters

“My nephew and a group of friends got lost at night on Snowdon during the three peaks challenge, the rest of the group wanted them to carry on walking in the dark as they were waiting in the mini bus. Mountain rescue told them to stay put until dawn and then restart the journey down. If he had listened to his group of friends he could have been killed and all because they wanted to get home. Always go with experienced advise and before you go on a trek ask those who have been before. Oh yes as well, if your uncle gives you a torch, compass and map don’t leave it in the mini bus!!”  Simon George 

Do you have any of your own outdoor safety tips? If so please share because you never know how valid it may be to someone!

C L Haden


4 thoughts on “Outdoor Safety Tips : Collected from the Adventurers Who are Doing it

  1. This one came from my doctor, and it may seem obvious, but…

    If you take medications, carry a week’s worth, even if you only plan to be gone a couple of hours.

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