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5 Awesome Outdoor Activities to try this Summer

Dear readers,

I read somewhere that we are half way through our summer! I refuse to believe this and so bury my head into the awesome summer outdoor activities that I want to do or have done this summer (so far) and here are my top 5:

  1. Surfing

It’s been on my list for years actually I’ve a fear of water despite my mermaid genes but I’m determined to kick the phobia. Therefore this August, West Country Surf School have invited me down to surf with them– brother and sister owned, they look cool!

West Country Surf School+1

I’ll be telling you more about my surfing lesson with them once I’m back from holiday on the 17th August until then find West Country Surf School on Instrgram as they post some drooling beach pictures!

  1. Gorge Walking

Oh my days! I recently went gorge walking in Betsy Y Coed walking with the very chilled and amazing outdoor instructor Slodge Lewis.  Think scrambling and climbing up waterfalls, squeezing in between boulders, jumping into plunge pools, discovering rare plants and just lots of wet and ‘splashy’ fun.


outdoor instructor  splodge lewis
The awesome Splodge!
Make love to camera rarrr!

A post to come on this very soon!

  1. Yoga

OK to this is not strictly an outdoor activity but it’s even more mind nourishing when it’s done outside. My favourite times to do it are sunrise and sunset because after a session, it’s great to use the backdrop for some photography practice. I’ve been on a back bend challenge this month and I’m glad to report that I’m feeling flexible.

I should be pointing my toes!
I should be pointing my toes!
I’ve yet to master my handstand though (I’m working on my upper body strength).

  1. Mountain biking

Where do I begin? There are so many trails around my local area of Shropshire and Wales including: Hopton Forest, Coed Y Brenin and Coed Llandegla Forest.  I really want to try Carding Mill Valley as I’ve heard that it’s awesome.  There’s nothing like the feeling of the wind in your helmet as you cruise down those hills!  Fingers crossed I’ll be getting some skill’s coaching too soon so I can progress on to red eventually.

  1. Wild Swimming

Again, a bit of a deep water phobia but after my day gorge walking I think I’m nearly over it (I’ll let you know after surfing.) Wild swimming looks so magical and after I watched a video of a very naked lady swimming in the pools around Snowdon – I though why not?!

Wild Swimming in Carding Mill Valley
I really want to swim here – Carding Mill Valley

I can’t say I’ll be naked though – I’m thinking a wet suit would be a lot warmer!

These have been my 5 outdoor activities this summer, I’d love to know what yours are.

C L Haden



3 thoughts on “5 Awesome Outdoor Activities to try this Summer

  1. I actually love that shot of me and Rick. I like how we ended up colour co-ordinating our top halves with our shorts. Thanks for inviting me out.

  2. Living down in the south west does have its benefits with the beaches we have and Dartmoor on my doorstep as well. The North Cornwall coast is stunning. Hopefully you’ll get some decent waves whilst you are there!

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