Mountain Warehouse: Saker 35L Rucksack Review

Where do you start when you’re trying to find your first hiking rucksack?

I was gifted a very lovely basic rucksack last year but since my Snowdon and Cadair Idris hikes, I was in the market for something a bit more outdoors friendly. I wanted a new rucksack and when Mountain Warehouse contacted me to see if I’d like to try out one of their rucksacks I was over joyed.

Saker 35L Rucksack
I chose the 35L Saker rucksack purely because of its 131 good reviews (it’s a good determining factor isn’t?) in red because I love bright colours. Yet I forgot to check the colour box on the site and so it arrived in black and grey but it’s still really lovely looking (if you can say that about a rucksack?)

What I loved about the Saker 35 L rucksack:

It’s light weight – with nothing in it, it feels like a feather. With stuff in it, it feels like a feather which has had a bit of pasta for lunch (yes feathers do eat pasta). Either way it’s a joy to have on your back and at no point did I find myself slumping because it was too heavy.

It carries well – with support and compression straps, it enables the back to become part of you instead. It didn’t swing or move which is super important because you don’t incur any rubbing on your shoulders or chest.

It feels good against the back – that will probably have something to do with the padded air mesh. Seriously all rucksacks should have these; it feels like you’ve a blow up bag on!

It has lots and lots of space – I was surprised with just how much space it had especially with it only being a 35L. My favourite storage component was at the top of the rucksack, designed for your waterproofs so they don’t wet anything else in your back. As I camped the night before my hike, I used this part to store my toiletries in.

It has room for a bladder pack –  I don’t like carrying bottles because you’ve to stop in order to drink but a bladder back allows you to drink on the go. This rucksack is hydration compatible which is handy!

It’s got a waterproof covering– which is tucked into the bottom neatly but easily accessible via a zip. I was always told to look for a rucksack which has a waterproof covering and with torrential rain recently, I’m really glad it did – everything was kept dry.

With the waterproof covering on.

My only concern with it was that my hiking stick would fall through the loop that was provided. That said, there were two loops either side so I don’t see why you couldn’t just attach a clip on device (there’s a technical name for it somewhere) and then clip the hiking stick to it.

For my first proper hiking rucksack, I love the Saker 35 L It feels comfortable and it look good too.

What outdoor gear have you bought recently that you just couldn’t imagine life without?

C L Haden


4 thoughts on “Mountain Warehouse: Saker 35L Rucksack Review

  1. Tend to stick to either Osprey or Lowe alpine rucksacks. Both are very durable and well designed. Best bit of kit though is my lifestraw. You can use it to drink safely from any stream or tarn. Fantastic thing

      1. Look up the lifestraw they are great. Still in the Lake District and I’m here until ònext weekend. Two great walks done already and ready for more. Plenty of good photos for the website

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