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Lifestyle: Being 24 & noting my personal achievements

In less than a month, I’ll turn 25.  I’ve really enjoyed being in my 20’s and being 23 and 24 has in some way been life changing for me. I’ve learnt a ton about myself and the people and environment around me.  I was brought up by a parent who told me it was important to remind myself of my achievements whether big or small, not to the rest of the world (I could if I felt it necessary) but with myself mainly.  I’m not too sure where blogging fits into those categories but hey, I hope my achievements will encourage you to tell me yours or even better, for you to tell yourself.

So in no particular order here’s a short snap shot of what it was like being 24 in 2014, born on October 4th.

  1. I got over my water phobia whilst gorge walking at Afon Ddu.

  2. I learnt to surf in Cornwall.

  3. I wild camped in the middle of winter in Llanbedr.

  4. I took the Llanberis path and climbed up to the top of Snowdon for the first time.

  5. I learnt how to ride a bike and fell in love with mountain biking around the trail centres.

  6. I climbed up Cadair Idris 3 times, the third time, reaching the top.

  7. I learnt how to river kayak.

  8. I climbed and scrambled up tons of waterfalls (some with ropes others without).

  9. I learnt how to put a tent up and cook outdoors.

  10. I got some of my nature photographs shared with the likes of Great Escapes and the BBC.

  11. I went on BBC Shropshire radio to speak about my blog.

  12. My blog started collaborating with some awesome brands both big and small.

  13. I got over my speaking phobia and spoke at many events including one with 200 people!

  14. My burlesque workshops got really popular and I performed for some big private events.

  15. I took up yoga and managed to master the camel pose and be able to walk afterwards! 😉

  16. I went to one of my favourite spas: Center parks in Nottingham.

  17. I got to do yoga on the beach and on top of a waterfall.

  18. I sat and meditated in a payer lodge by a waterfall.

  19. I joined the National Trust.

  20. I raised £350 for charity by taking on the C2C charity cycle (not completed due to injury).

  21. I saw various meteor showers, blue moons, and awesome planetary activity.

  22. I camped on an island which got cut off from the main island over night (Shell island).

  23. I visited Devils Bridge and climbed all of those steep steps.

  24. I took up hooping and can keep it up for long periods of time!

Some may be really small but each one in their own way have changed my life due to the people I’ve met along the way, the lessons I’ve learnt and re-learnt, the mindsets I’ve acquired, the perspective it’s given me and most importantly, a thirst to always make life an adventure.

I’ll be posting my 25 Outdoor things to do in Celebration of turning 25 soon so do pop back if you want some adventure inspiration.

C L Haden


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Being 24 & noting my personal achievements

  1. You certainly did a lot more outdoor stuff than I did when I was 24, I would have just finished Uni and gone on weekends trips to Dublin and Amsterdam. Then pretty much started work straight away. Your list is ace, although I’m not sure what hooping is (or is it hula hooping and I’m being daft!!?)

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