Travel: #Sendmeaway to the vast and sheer beauty of Iceland

I was delighted to be nominated by one of my favourite travel bloggers Absolutely Lucy to tell you all about my dream holiday. This competition is being run by travel company Ice Lolly who are giving away £1000 to your dream destination along with an Olympus Pen E-PL7 camera!  


My Dream Holiday is…


When I think of dream holidays, it’s super hard to narrow it down – New Zealand to Finland and everything else comes to mind. As you know I do a lot of local travelling around Wales purely because I love the diverse landscapes but I think my dream holiday spot for this entry is going to be Iceland! Why? Well, I’m in love with the country. Not only is it commendable in its attitudes and acknowledgement of needing  to look after the environment and its people,  but it’s much like Wales with diverse landscapes (just a lot colder). It has an impressive array of waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, vast greenery and seasonal snow etc.

I’ve always had a fascination with Iceland and it’s not only because of the stunning Aurora, it’s part of it yes, but having met a few people from that part of the world, I’m always impressed at the sheer love they have for back home. Although I hear cheese is rather expensive!


I’m planning on going there towards the end of this year so last night I spent a lot of time on Trip Advisor and Lonely planet having a read up of some of the things to do. Whilst I wouldn’t mind visiting tourist attractions such as the Blue Lagoon and Gullfoss, I’d like to find something a bit different. 


Things to do in Iceland

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Myvatn Nature Baths


Located in North- East Iceland, this thermal spa is not as well known as the Blue Lagoon and I like that because it’s meant to be not as crowded.  It’s got an impressive array of reviews and there’s been a few raised eyebrows (including mine) at the compulsory naked shower! You know how much I love my spas right so what is more perfect than sitting is healing hot waters admiring the cold and rocky landscapes with the mist rising into the sky?

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon


Located in South East Iceland, this Canyon of approx 2km long is impressive to say the least.  It was created by water erosion from glaciers and it’s been said it’s 9,000 years old. Apparently as the water is not deep you can wade through the canyon which sounds right up my street. Although from reading how to get there, the directions seem a little cloudy so I’m sure there will be some room for exploring… Getting lost.


Strokkur Geysir


This is part of the Golden Circle and from reading its reviews although impressive, is classed as a quick stop for people to boil their eggs and take a few snaps before moving on to the more hip nightlife of Iceland. This is where I differ to many people of my age. My ‘nightlife’ is this kind of thing and I could watch, fascinated for hours as the hot spray exploded on to the frosty surroundings. And this is why I love Iceland so much. It’s landscapes are rugged, somewhat dangerous and completely over the top yet the Icelandic people live at one with them, respecting and appreciating all of nature’s beauty.




An 82 foot swimming pool fed by a local spring. It’s said to be one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland where people used to learn how to swim.  It lies in the heart of craggy rocky hills and yes it’s not the first thing you’d consider doing whilst here.  But perhaps it’s the 20 minute hike through lava fields whichattracts me to this remote swimming pool – who knows – it looks awesome!

This has been my post for the #Sendmeaway challenge and I’d like to nominate Zoe from Splodz Blogs,  Elizabeth from Rosalilium and Liam from Life of a Thinker.

C L Haden


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