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Hey! I’m Chelsea.  I’m a born and bred city girl up until 3 years ago when I moved to the countryside to start a cleaner, healthier and outdoors life.

Nowadays, I live on a friend’s small holding with pet cows who watch me do yoga in the field.  I’ve chickens living down the road (I’m not too sure if they’ve bought or are just renting) but they’re quiet and well behaved – I hope they stay!

I can usually be found exploring around Shropshire and Wales looking for writing inspiration or mountain biking, hiking, camping, kayaking and trying out photography on my iPhone, Nikon D70 and cooking vegetarian food.

This blog was set up so I could document my new way of living and share with you my experience of the great outdoors, it’s all been an amazing learning curve.  From time to time I will do product reviews and let others in the local community guest blog.

In my ‘day job’ I’m self employed as a content writer, blog trainer and speaker. Despite my love for ‘getting away from it all’, I’m a huge supporter of women in tech

I hope you enjoy getting to know the lifestyle of a once city girl adapting to a country bumpkin. If my muddy wellies are anything to go by, I’m coming along rather well. If anything, I hope to inspire that bit of adventure in you,  that we all have and to encourage others to say yes to new experiences. You’ll smile most days if you do….

Chelsea Louise Haden

Thanks for reading and drop me a comment sometime won’t you? 🙂

C L Haden


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Great insight to who you are. But, what do you mean a paper fetish? What kind of paper? I’m intrigued. Also, my husband is a genius at quantum physics and he rattles about it all the time. I’ll have to say that I have grown to enjoy the lectures of Neil DeGrass Tyson. But that’s as close as I get. Looking forward to visiting the rest of your blog.

    1. Hello! I’ve often thought about updating this, I change often… thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      A paper fetish well, the smell, the texture, how it sounds, how some is not neat, others rough and untouched. I can’t bare to bring myself to use it to write on, instead I like to store, keep it preserved and just admire it. Is that odd? 😉

      I have never heard of Neil before but I will be sure to find out more about him. It sounds as though your husband is very smart!

      I found you via Twitter, following one of my work accounts I think, your blog was bold! I look forward to reading more too. 🙂

  2. No, not odd at all. hahaha. And who cares if it is. That’s one of the things that make you, YOU. Thanks again for visiting. Looking forward to the continued interaction.

  3. YOUR BLOG IS SO FREAKING COOL! I love the fact that you have chickens next door from your house. 🙂 The way you write is really cute. You reminded me my passion for writing. It is not just about number of views or visitors. It is about writing for the sake of doing what you love. Thank you so much! 😉 Check out my blog http://meowthemiao.wordpress.com where I write to live. ❤

    1. Hi!

      Aww that’s really nice of you – thanks very much. Yes I love the chickens next door, they’re my alarm clock! 🙂

      You’re entirely right about writing for the sake of doing what you love. Do the things that makes you smile and feel happy I say.

      I look forward to reading your blog.


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